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The Next Frontier in Blogging

The future home for those who already have their own digital garden and those that are looking for a solution to take care of the set up work for them. On top of that, the Digital Gardening Collective (DGC) offers collaborative digital gardening capabilities.

What is Digital Gardening?

Digital Gardening is the complete opposite when compared to blogging in the general sense. Instead of taking weeks to publish a piece, all you need is a title, a sentence or two, and some categorical information. That’s it. You are developing your ideas over time and in public.

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The DGC is a Centralized and Decentralized Solution

The DGC serves as the hub that all users will call home. Users can submit notes and essays to their digital garden on the platform or community digital gardens that are connected to the platform. Except for the Co-x3 Community Digital Garden, these community digital gardens aren’t managed by the DGC.

Developed for the community. Developed by the community

The code for the DGC will be released under a fair-code license whereas the Co-x3 Community Digital Garden codebase will be open-sourced. We want everyone to be able to create their own community digital garden and add it to the platform. We also plan on having funding campaigns to develop future features. The resulting funds will be used to pay those that volunteer their time to help develop and design the app.

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Supports Markdown

Markdown is our bread-and-butter. If you write your notes and essays in markdown, then our goal is to be compatible with the flavor of markdown that you are using.

Backlinks and Comments from across the web

We use Webmentions in order to display websites that link to your notes and essays. Additionally, we use them to display comments that are posted in response to links of your piece on various social media websites.

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The Digital Gardening Collective and the Co-x3 Community Digital Garden will be supported through the use of ads and sponsorships. More specifically, ads won't be shown on published pieces unless individual authors give us permission to do so. Other locations within both apps and in our newsletters will be fair game. However, our goal is to always ensure that the user experience takes absolute priority.

Allowing Writers to Earn from their Writing is on the Roadmap

We want to allow writers to be able to make money from their writing. In the future, we will ask the public for their ideas on how best to do this.

The Digital Gardening Collective is an app that serves the Digital Gardening Community and the Writing Collectives within it.

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Personal and Community Digital Gardening for the Masses.


Digital Gardening 101

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